Donate to Dow

Donations can be made through bank transfer into DUHS accounts. Donors are required to send receipt of bank deposit at along with fund name for allocation of their donation.

Zakat will be used to cater healthcare expenses of the needy and zakat eligible patients

Infrastructure Development Funds:

What we see we believe! the infrastructure of any organization matters a lot. Donors like you are helping us in the development of our hospital and university. which helps us provide modern day equipment and technique to conduct medical practices: Following are the current projects you can be a part of;

  1. Girls Hostel Building
  2. OPD Building Extension
  3. Extension of College of Pharmacy
  4. Professional Development Center
  5. Alumni Student’s Center

General Endowment Funds:

Endowment fund is the financial resource pool for the Dow University and Hospital. Over the years the fund has expanded due to a certain amount being charged at the time of admissions in various programs. The resource mobilization department aims to increase overall fund by inviting donors like you to contribute to Dow Endowment Fund (DEF). Separate statements of accounts and utilization reports are being sent to the donors every quarter. Audit is done on yearly bases by a reputed chartered accountant firm.

Scholarships and Qarz-e-Hasna Funds:

You can help students in filling their financial gap by donating them for their education. DUHS supports those students who has an optimistic mind and the boldest thinkers of the future and the students who has outstanding academic achievements and who are enrolled on merit. With your help, in recent year we have provided scholarships schemes to our many eligible students.

Alumni Class Funds:

Alumni Class Fund gives a solid platform to graduates to donate and rally fellow alumni towards a common cause. It also helps to raise small regular donations and make sure that everyone gets to contribute, regardless size of the donation. It is one of the most effective ways to connect with the long lost class-mates.

Be a part of building the first ever Alumni Student’s Center at Dow:
You do remember how you longed for that one place on campus, where you could hang out, study in groups, play games, listen to music and have good food? Or just a place where you could retreat after a long class lecture?

Students desire never changes. So we made their wish come true, by building Alumni Student’s Center at the Ojha Campus. The cost of construction is Rs. 500 million and the building would house a grand auditorium facility accommodating around 700+ attendees along with indoor and outdoor sports, organizing dramas, carnivals, music functions, concerts and public speaking events.

Buy a unit
We have divided the Dow Alumni Students’ Center in 100 units where one unit is worth Rs. 5 Million. A room or area will be dedicated to a particular individual, class, chapter or a group of Alumni. To sponsor a unit contact us at or call on 0092 317 2881713

Buy a Brick
You can also donate Rs. 100,000 and buy a Brick at the Donor’s Wall inscribed with your name on it. Kindly fill out the Donor Wall Form to purchase a brick at the Student’s center Donor Wall.

Zakat Funds:

Your zakat is the gifts for those patients and student who cannot afford their treatments and education. With your support, DUHS is able to provide free treatments to many of the patients and free education to the competent students who deserves to get higher education.

Bank Account Details:

For Donations

United Bank Limited (UBL)

Account Title: DUHS D-F

Account Number: 0401 3710 0060

IBAN: PK61UNIL011204010310060

Branch Name: Baba-e-Urdu Road

For Zakat

United Bank Limited (UBL)

Account Title: DUHS Z-F

Account Number: 0401 3710 0059

IBAN: PK61UNIL011204010310059

Branch Name: Baba-e-Urdu Road